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Thread: Harkila trouser sizes

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    Harkila trouser sizes

    Hi, i'm after buying a pair of Harkila Hilander trousers over the net but dont really know how their stuff fits, i'm a 36 waist but if a manufacturers sizes are a bit generous can get in 34's so if anyone could give me a heads up it would be much appreciated.
    The company i've spotted them at is called Ardmoor, i see on here that theyve got some good reviews in the past, does anyone know if there service is still up to speed.
    Cheers all

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    Alright Adam1

    i've got a pair of Harkila pro hunter trousers and bloody love them! Best trousers I've ever had waterproof and hard wearing. I'm a 34 waist and got a size 50.

    Hope this helps bud.

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    Phone them and, being truthful about your measured waist, ask them what size they would recommend. That always works for me. Their returns policy should cover "them" giving you wrong advce if they don't fit.


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    why dont you try chris at swillington,

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    im a 36" waist and my Harklas are a C52.

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    Why not go to a shop that stocks them,try some on then order the size you want.

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    i have the same waist size as you (36 but do own a few pairs of 34 waist too depending on the manufacturer).

    I have 2 pairs of Harkilas. One pair is C54 which is too big and the other is C52 which is spot on. I would guarantee C52 would be the size you need.

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    Adam, C52 would be the size to go for. If yoiu get them and they aren't right then simply return them and we'll get another pair of the next size up or down sent out to you.

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    thanks for the replys, size 52 it is then.

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    Harkila also do a 'short leg' version for people like me who are vertically challenged and have an expanded waistline. For example I am a 40 inch waist and have a 29 to 30 inch leg and the size D108 is spot on for me. This is both for Prohunter and Proshooter trousers.

    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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