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Thread: 6x42 scope

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    6x42 scope

    Hi all , I'm setting up a rifle for some hill stalking , is a 6x42 scope good enough for reds on a hill ? What range are they normally taken at ? Would appreciate some adviceAndy

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    Quote Originally Posted by acm View Post
    hi all , i'm setting up a rifle for some hill stalking , is a 6x42 scope good enough for reds on a hill ? What range are they normally taken at ? Would appreciate some adviceandy
    more than good enough

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    Glib comments/ cliches are often more irritating than helpful. However, I'm a strong supporter of the adage ( for usual UK stalking ) ' if it cannot be done well with a 6x42, there's a good chance it shouldn't have been done'
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    bit high IMO!

    I shot reds on the hill and targets for the best part of 15-20yrs with a 4x32 Nikko on my father's .270

    now have a 6x44 as my eyesight is not what it used to be!

    as for distance. depends on land. some "hill" land has little in the way of dead ground, other hills are much easier
    In 20 yrs I can count on one hand how many have been over 100yds
    last 2 were 45 and 27 yds

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    I to have been wondering about a 6x42 for woodland type of stalking for roe,muntjac,CWD but not to sure if its enough to be honest used to using 8x56 size scopes....

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    6X42 has a long tradition of use on the hill and while personal preference always plays a role it is hard to knock the fact that it has been the standard for a lot of people for a lot of time. I use an 8X56 myself, mostly because I also shoot sika at last light, and I don't think you'd go far wrong with one of those either.

    The other thing is that if you buy a decent second hand scope by one of the top brands you will probably be able to sell it for what you paid for it should it not suit you.
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    I have 6x42, 8x56, 8x50. All good. I started with a 4x32. But have shot the majority with a 6x42 ( S&b +pecar) in all light conditions , including spotlight. Foxes &deer.

    6x42 , good all round scope and not as bulky as a x56.

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    one thing people forget when choosing a scope is it needs to fit the rifle and the shooter

    if you have a x56 on telegraph pole mount on a traditional rifle with a sloping stock you will be forever craning your neck to get a sight picture unless you adorn it with some hideous neoprene sock.

    not such an issue with hill stalking as you will be prone but getting on the rifle comfortably and quickly without faffing is paramount
    x42, 44 and even 50 can make this a lot easier

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    I've only ever really used 6x42 and a 3-9x36. the variable sits on 6x the whole time.

    I've done woodland stalking to hill stalking with the 6x42 and can at no point in my entire stalking career say that a bigger mag or objective scope would have been of any additional benefit. and yes, I have shot plenty with bigger objective variable scopes up to x56, they're just very heavy and clunky, and if you have a bavarian stock like Bewsher said, they don't create a good natural cheek to stock weld from a line of sight perspective.

    I thought about getting an S&B 10x42 for the hill, but in hindsight, even in argyll on the hill, I probably shoot 80% of hinds/stags within 125yds and 15% within 150 and 5% between 150 and 225.

    I also don't like the high mag because you start seeing the reticle wobble and sometimes instead of taking the shot at the right time, you start worrying extensively about holding the reticle completely still,,,which is only because it's wound up so bloody high.

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    Great tread some dame good advice.

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