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Thread: Lyme Disease - Word of Warning

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    Lyme Disease - Word of Warning

    Last week I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I was lucky because my doc was familiar with the symptoms and recognised it immediately, so we caught it within a couple of weeks of the first sign.

    Fortunately, if like me, you diagnose it quickly, a 14 day course of antibiotics solves the problem for good. However, some people go undiagnosed for ages, years even, and then it can cause problems and be much harder to treat.

    My symptoms were a red mark, looked like a mosquito bite to begin with. No sign of a tick, or a bite at all. Gradually it got bigger and bigger - then ended up about 6 inches diameter, with concentric circles, looking rather like a target.

    I also had a fever (very mild) in the night about four or five days after I first noticed the mark. Other than that, nothing at all - felt fine. Even felt silly mentioning it to the doc.

    Apparently, the red mark goes away on its own without treatment. However, that doesnt mean the Lyme disease is gone. If left untreated, that's really when the trouble starts because you then have a year of two of other illnesses, headaches etc with no obvious signs of Lyme. Then its much harder to diagnose.

    So, if you get a red mark, which grows a bit, go to the docs and mention Lyme disease to him/her. Its a simple blood test and then anti biotics - no problem. Its very common down here in Hampshire, and apparently incidence of it recently has dramatically increased.

    Just wanted to warn people again - I know its on all of our radars, but doesn't hurt to be reminded - to be honest, my attitude was "it will never happen to me" - well, it obviously has!



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    Yes, Lyme disease is nasty. I know as my mother was diagnosed recently and most of my family got it.

    I wanted to say that you were lucky as you do not necessarily need to get a red mark. You might have no symptoms at the beginning and it is more difficult to diagnose later.

    Take care!


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    Glad to hear you caught it in you say, so many go undiagnosed.

    It's amazing, even today people I try to warn laugh at the idea.

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    Hope you get the all clear.

    I've been suffering with lymme for about 13yrs now.

    I'm normally a fit and healthy 37yr old stalker who can walk for miles, but even today after a few hours walking in woodland[no hills] I was flat out at about 5.30 and just woke up 10mins ago, I never know when it'll hit.

    I get very severe head aches , at least 2 a month[I've been for scans etc.]

    When the head aches head it is impossible to drive as my site is also blurred.

    I plead with you all please take care with ticks and try and educate as many people as possible about ticks and tick bourne diseases

    On a lighter note, my wife made the dinner as I was sound asleep

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    Bambislayer i hope dinner was worth waking up to

    Lymes is nasty and lets not forget that fact ,as you can see from some of the members on here can tell you a whole lot more about the symptons than i can , as they are dealing with it at all stages
    i did post this a while back and hoped it might of become a sticky as this is important to all
    take great care and keep checking for ticks as they are quite hard to spot at first and that it a vital time to spot and remove them
    This is a tick on a Human calf muscle in early stage

    now being squashed by a green tick puller, small little blighter

    for the rest of you that has contracted , hope things get better for you all
    and it has been caught in-time

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    Admin. I`m behind Stone on this one.
    The warnings on ticks and lymes disease should be made a sticky.
    All those in favour, give Stone some backing.

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    Guys, I have been pretty paranoid about Lyme for years now & I still get bitten by ticks up to 6 simes a week I would say down here in the New Forest they are very riffe at the moment-they seem worse on one property I look after & even though the tick density is roughly the same on a like for like deer from another area-the ticks just seem more active & aggressive from this property which I find strange.

    I find the worst ones of the lot are the tiny little buggers that go under my watch strap & sit there all day feeding as I never find them until the evening & by that time they have done their work.

    Regards Lee

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    I don't want to tempt fate here (touch wood), I stalk a lot in the the borders and despite having fair deer numbers and lots of bracken and heather I have never been bitten, nor have I seen one on a deer - although I only shoot 3 or so a year, nor have I seen any on my clothes and I do look for them and carry tick removers with me.

    We dont have any livestock and not many rabbits on our bit - does that keep the numbers of ticks down? It's also at 300m+ sea level - does that make a difference?

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    Well done Winchester,

    I too had a very similar situation last year.
    Luckily had recently completed DSC1 so it was fresh in my mind.
    Shot a pricket which was covered in ticks.
    That next morning in the shower noticed a perfect red ring in the bend of my arm, no sign of the tick.
    Had a feverish nights sleep and felt very lethargic the following day so off to the Doc.
    He put me straight on Anti-biotics and touch wood i am ok now.

    I hate going to the Doc and avoid it at all costs BUT if you even suspect anything like the described above, just go and have it checked out.

    "If there is any doubt, there is no doubt at all"


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    I never realosed they were that small, the only ones I haves seen are the larger ones that crawl about on the deer ..keds?

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