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Thread: Man cave. Part 1

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    Man cave. Part 1

    Even the title makes me laugh.

    With the impending arrival of a Teckel pup I have been building a Teckel proof ( maybe not possible from what I've been told ) fence. Anyway I had some spare wood left over and proudly announced to my wife on Sunday that I was commencing the construction of my MAN CAVE in the garage as I was fed up having my reloading gear/shooting accessories/essential man stuff spread out all over the place. I wanted my own little room.
    Building duly commenced at 11am Sunday.
    1st job was to clear away all of that rubbish that you seem to collect in a garage that serves absolutely no purpose but you might need it one day!! Job done.
    Next mark out area to be used. Big enough for gun cabinet, check, reloading bench, check, chair, check, wall space for trophies, check, small alcove for shelves with books, check.
    Start to build stud walls.
    A few tea breaks later about 4pm my mate suddenly calls.
    " Glynn the Sika are all in the pen quick get down here"
    Shouts at the missus "By, gota go, NOW!"
    I'd been waiting for this phone call all day as we were moving some Sika from one park to another. So 4hrs later and some serious Sika wrestling under my belt I returned home.
    Day 2
    Goto to work, all hell let loose at work. Finish at 5pm. Another phone call
    " Glynn can you come and shoot an animal. Need one for barbeque burgers for fireworks night and you want to test that new rifle, don't you?"
    Go home grab new rifle reload 5x rounds go shoot park deer, dress and skin them, then home.
    Great thing about my missus is she works away for 3x days/ week and I have to look after the kids. This week is half term and they've all dissappeard for 3x days.
    So I start banging away.
    Yes it's small but it's all mine
    And here is MAN CAVE pt 1
    Tune in tomorrow for MAN CAVE Pt2.Attachment 20919Attachment 20920

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    Nice work. I adopted the loft, still work in progress but got floor space of 8'x24' shelving on both sides at 4'x16' more than enough for shooting kit on one side and re loading & computer on the other. Best bit is pull up the ladder, close the hatch peace & quiet bliss

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    Everybody needs a man cave mate mine is my loft where I got my guns reloading stuff etc can just bolt up there when the weathers bad and she is watching the bloody soaps got everything I need up there kettle etc probably spend more time upstairs than down stairs, I'm currently looking at getting a loft ladder instead of the step ladder I currently use but it does the job just don't want to break my neck though

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