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Thread: Mauser VZ-24

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    Mauser VZ-24

    Here are the bits and pieces I think I'm gonna make into another 6.5-06 !

    We've already installed the new safety , a Timeny Trigger , and a Leupold one piece base .

    Oh also had my gunsmith buddy weld a new Brownell bolt handle on . Also bought a utilitarian piece of walnut from Brownell's that has a monte carlo .

    I lapped the bolt lugs and my buddy trued the action .

    Still need to jewell the bolt body , the claw and the follower . If Hurricane Sandy doesn't wash us away I may try and do that this week !

    The action after I got it and had just installed the Timeny trigger .

    The untouched crest .

    The trigger in the action .

    The action after drilling and tapping with the base attached !

    Front reciever ring after trueing and rubbing on a little cold blue .

    The stock in the vise about to start having the action final fitted . The inletting was excellent when it arrived but the wood was proud in several spots !

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    Some more pics of fitting the action and floorplate to the stock .

    Welding up swivel hole in the front of the trigger guard before contouring .

    Two pics of the new bolt handle installed as well as the new safety .

    Latest pic of the action fitted in the stock . Still needs jeweling , blueing and barrel installed .

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    Didn't take any pics at the time but we've contoured the front of the triggerguard where we welded up the hole and I put the trigger guard on the mill and narrowed the trigger guard as well .

    I friend in Oklahoma sent me a old homemade set of 6.5-06AI dies he had gotten when he bought out a gunsmith in Alaska . I already have a like new Clymer 6.5-06 chamber reamer so it's a toss up which way I'll go with this thing .

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    Thanks for the post.
    Looking good.
    I am just putting together an Argentine Mauser.
    My one will be more of a lightweight allweather bush gun in 308.
    My friend fitted a Lothar Walther 98 pre-chambered and threaded barrel. Now
    I ordered the 45 deg safety and need to turn a new bolt handle which needs to be welded on.

    Workmanship on my action is top class. Only problem I have is that the drop plate mag box
    is too heavy. Twice the weight of an AICS mag system. Not sure what I'll do about that yet.
    My son made me a graphite stock which weighs around 21 oz that I'll fit and bed.


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