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Thread: Greetings from Slovenia

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    Greetings from Slovenia

    Hello to everybody!

    I am a big follower of nature living and hunting. Most of the free time I spend in my log cabin located in the middle of the forest in east Slovenia. Otherwise I live and work in the capital city - Ljubljana.

    The cabin is located on lonely place in the wilderness part of of eastern Slovenia, with a lot of different big game. Roe deer, reed deer and wild pigs are the largest population beside large population of brown bear.

    I am hunting with Tikka T3 Hunter in .308 win caliber. From ammunition I use RWS DK an RWS EVO. At the moment i do not have dog due to my working obligations.

    My English is not perfect (not prime language) and for some mistakes I apologize in advance.

    Kind regards to all members


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    Hi. I was over in Maribor recently and was asking about hunting in Slovenia. It really is a very beautiful country. The hunting shop in Maribor could not give me much information. Do you have any suggestions who I could contact.
    Welcome to this forum.

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    Welcome to the site,

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    I you give me your preferences (what you want to hunt)? I can provide you necessary information's you need. In principle the Slovenia is divided in more than 400 hunting grounds, some of them run under government protection and other's by hunters communities. But for all of them the same laws, rules, price list are applied.

    In general:
    - You chose preferable game for hunt (normally in hunting season for these game)
    - Arrangement with hunting ground in selected area (notification, communications issues)
    - You are then allow to hunt with escort of one local hunter.

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    Welcome to the site Flip.

    For guided Roe deer stalking,. BASC accredited trainer for DSC1 and 2. BASC accredited training centre with courses held regularly.

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    Welcome to the site great to have you on here
    (PS your english is fine and much better than my Slovenian )
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    Welcome Boris

    I have had some great times in Slovenia, mostly in the Tolmin doing some caving on migovic. I didnt do any shooting but fished the socca ( I think) for trout and grayling, great river.


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    welcome to the forum it would be interesting to listen to some of your stories of hunting, atb wayne
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