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Thread: Zeiss - a thank you

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    Zeiss - a thank you

    just wanted to extend a big thanks to both Zeiss UK and Zeiss Germany in sourcing me a variable scope rubber adjustment strip (you know, the bit you grip to twist and adjust the zoom). Mine broke on a scope that was discontinued over 16 years ago, it was probably close to 25 years of age and has had use almost daily.

    the scope is still in impecable condition, and wanting to keep it looking 'young', team Zeiss managed to dig out two rubber strips and fitting tape from their storage units in Germany, post them to me with a nice note saying if they don't fit, just to send them back and they would refund the postage.

    They of course offered a recondition of the scope, but I preferred to keep it in-house and just slip on the new rubber strip with the factory double sided tape myself.

    now done the scope is up and running on my .223 and is shooting as good as it did when it left the factory.

    thanks again and well done.

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    I rang for a neck strap for an old pair of bins that I bought second hand. It was sent foc next dday great service

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    nice to hear these reports as im thinking of going the zeiss route on a new rifle
    regards pete .

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    They are very good on customer service, i too lost a neck strap and a replacement came free of charge. if only people called zeiss 1st rather than posting on a forum with a complaint they don't know about until they read about it.

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    I have always found Zeiss UK very helpfull.

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