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Thread: Hi to you all

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    Hi to you all

    I registered a while ago but I have only just got around to introducing myself - sorry guys.
    I live in South Yorkshire having moved up from the Midlands.
    I've been shooting for a few years now, mainly in Scotland - manage to get there for a week or so most years.
    I shoot an old BSA 270 and now have a slot for a 6.5x55 so when I get a new gun (and scope) I have an excuse to shoot more to get my monies worth.
    Also shoot .22 rimfire & air rifle but am finding it difficult to get any permissions locally for vermin.
    I did DSC1 last year and now aim for more stalking before I get too old to climb about.

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    howdy mate

    welcome to the site mate im in sheffield theres one or two of us on here from s yorks, great bunch of blokes on here always willing to help out, i like my stalking,foxing,wildfowling ect,i understand your problems getting shooting round here,its a difficult county to get shooting but stick at it mate an youll get some! if you want to meet up for a pint sometime PM me, always good to meet fellow shooters.

    cheers for now mate HORNET.

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