A small group of farmers, landowners and stalkers have come together in the North-Cotswolds to try to set up a new DMG. The Group is currently in its fledgling stage and needs to grow, get credible leadership and set some clear objectives to become viable.

Patches of land range from approx. Broadway(Worcs.) towards Chipping Campden and Moreton-in-Marsh (Glos.) with currently no clearly defined boundaries for the DMG. Acreage is approx. just 2,000 at the moment, so not viable, but hope to grow to at least 10,000 acres in the next year, with the potential for much, much more medium to long term.

We have the tacit support/encouragement from the Cotswold Conservation Board (=The Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and from the Deer Initiative.

Currently the Group is driven by a few (amateur) stalkers, that includes me, with some professional and semi-professionals supporting and encouraging us. If you like to join as a Member than at the minimum level we would ask you declare the Acreage of your land and let us have your annual cull data - this data would be collated, and is treated confidentially. We will NOT tell you how to manage your land or deer; we will NOT request shooting permission on your land; we will NOT tell you what to do.

The objectives we currently support are:
  • Cross-boundary cooperation between farmers and landowners and stalkers;
  • Education and using best practice and encouraging stalkers towards an ideal minimum level of qualifications;
  • Mutual support on counts and on cull days and with lardering and transport;
  • Deer-management for crop protection and conservation reasons rather than for producing trophies;
  • A social element of mixing with other Stalkers and occasionally get invited to stalk on other land than your own
  • Attending events/training - for example we have plans for a venison lardering/butchery demo in December
  • Liaison with other DMG's in The Cotswolds such as the Cotswolds Central Hills DMG; Cranham DMG and Wychwood DMG.

If you are a Stalker (amateur or professional), or a Game-Keeper/Deer Manager with permission and/or land in the North-Cotswolds, or a farmer, woodland-owner or landowner, and if you are interested in either becoming a Member (it is free), or you would just like to get a bi-annual newsletter for now, then please send me a PM so we can add you to the (e)mailing list and invite you to the next meeting/event.