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Thread: New Jelen Website & Online Store

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    New Jelen Website & Online Store

    Hi Everyone,

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website now available on Jelen Deer

    The new site includes our online store that ahead of the opening of our Gunshop at Jelen's Hampshire HQ.

    On the site you will find a host of new features including links to our blog (Jelen Deer Services | Excellence In Deer Management), our newsfeed, and a members section where you can sign up for the company's newsletter. We will also be featuring a monthly video available directly from the home page, as well as our brand new podcast that can be downloaded from iTunes. You will also be able to visit, like and comment on our facebook, twitter and linked-in social network.

    There is a new testimonials page, and a news section where - in addition to our newsletter - you can access the most up-to-date information about whats happening in the world of Jelen.

    In addition we now have an online booking facility whereby you can instantly see what courses are available, and it allows you to instantly book a course online, 24/7.

    Our new training section features our brand new Jelen Partner Program which allows a small number of people to have access to specialist resources at three levels that will ultimately help them become professional deer managers in their own right, part of which will include the successful applicants having potential access to up to 1000 acres of prime stalking land that they will be able to manage themselves under the support and guidance of Jelen Deer Services.

    To make life easier for you, we have made it so that you can also book deer stalking online and pay either a deposit or full payment via paypal through our secure payment portal.

    We hope you enjoy the new Jelen Deer Services website, but despite extensive testing we are aware that the new site may have a few teething problems that our IT guys will fix quickly.

    Exciting times ahead for the company and its deer management team, and the new site will help us to be more efficient in the delivery of information to our clients as well as new visitors to our website.

    Finally I'd like to thank Jack Allison for his tireless work in developing the site to make it exactly as we want it. I'd also like to thank Simon Ericson for the initial work he put in to get the site structured, and also Ben Bonetti for the hard work he has done to set up our social networks and keep our company name up there where it belongs. Finally to the rest of our committed team who helped test the site and advise of alterations and quick-fixes that were required.

    Please do let us know your thoughts on our new offerings, and any suggestions about what would improve the site would be gratefully received.

    Best regards,


    (Director - Jelen Deer Services)
    01264 811155

    Jelen Deer

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    Bet Animal aid don't hyper link it. to thier site

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    Sorry was a moment of madness - nice site though - The Jelen one that is..

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    Nice site Mike lots of info and easy to access.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    nice one mike, put it in my favorites.

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    Looking good mike. Here is the link to the podcasts for those of you with iPhones

    Jelen Deer Management Podcast Channel by Mike Allison
    iTunes - Podcasts - Jelen Deer Management Podcast Channel by Mike Allison

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    Congratulations on a very good site..

    Cant be long before African safari's are on the menu
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Hi Terry,

    Many thanks for your kind words. Hmmm funny you should mention African Safaris - just thinking about who'd be good guys to contact. I know you were there a while ago with Jacob and some other guys, any good contacts?



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