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Thread: Sorry , late introduction from Belgium

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    Sorry , late introduction from Belgium

    Hallo , I am a 43 year old roughshooter from Belgium . For all my shooting , I like to be on the move . The last 10 years Spaniels , trialing and roughshooting take 95 % of my free time . I shoot since 1988 . In the start I did more " big game shooting " in Belgium . The last year I start to get more intrest in big game again . If everything goes as planned I would like to come to Scotland once or twice a year to do some hind stalking . This is still true " hunting".
    I own and use more shotguns than rifles , but rifles are so much more fun to discuss about . I am a lightweight man , both in rifles and shotguns.
    I own a Beretta 20 bore O/U 687 Silver Pigeon , a Beretta 12 bore O/U ultralight , a Miroku 20 bore O/U and a Browning B25 O/U 12 bore .
    As a rifle a Browning European 7x64 with in a few weeks a 6x42 Zeiss Scope .

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    Welcome to the site , you should make a good number of contacts here so when you do decide to come to Scotland you will be well looked after.


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    You are very welcome,
    I also enjoy my woodcock shooting over a springer.
    You seem to have enough shot guns.


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    new member

    Welcome to this forum. I am also Belgian and been reading a lot of interesting things here. You'll surely find lots of contacts for your Scotland stalkings. I have been doing quite some roe and fallow stalking in England, so if I can be of any help, just call.

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