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Thread: kidney recipes, or lack thereof?

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    kidney recipes, or lack thereof?

    I have trawled through this forum and found little if anything on deer kidneys and their culinary possibilities. Are there any great deer kidney recipes out there?

    I am tomorrow morning going for it with the two small but perfectly healthy looking kidneys that is all that is left from a muntjac I got awhile ago. I have soaked them in milk for a day as seems the way to do it. And will coat them in flour and various other favoured family spices before frying them up with some bacon and eggs, maybe a splash of whisky in the pan as well. I will check the directory tomorrow morning before this adventure, so if there is a better way please advise. I might try muntjac steak and kidney pie next if this is good. I hate to waste anything wild.

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    dont waste it they are fantastic i like all the offal for cooking . i just keep it simple just fry in flour with a little seasoning thats it for me although i do love pate for the livers , atb wayne ps i think monkey spanker has a good one for devilled kidneys if you like spice
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    I have seen this recipe, thanks. I will try it with the next deer. I will report back on the above experiment.

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    If I shoot a deer in the morning I have the liver and kidneys for breakfast upon my return home. I never soak them in milk or anything, just slice the liver, take the kidneys out of their packaging, cut down the centre from the top and slice.

    Heat some oil and butter in a pan, add a crushed clove of garlic and fry. Stick some bacon in the oven. Add some mushrooms to the pan and when cooked transfer to a preheated plate. Fry a couple of eggs in the same pan and you have a bloody good breakfast*.

    *Fried potatoes are an optional extra.

    Food as fresh and tasty as this shouldn't be mucked about with, enjoy it as simple as possible!
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    Collect more kidneys, hearts, tongues and freeze them as you shoot more deer. When you have enough make a stew with a lot of paprika and tomatos, schallots etc. what you like. Kidney best boil first and then change water. Remove skin from the tongs and then chop.

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    Two more good ones for kidneys+ recipes.

    I have just had the muntjac kidneys sliced as above in two with all tough bits taken off(not much), dipped in flour with with spice(smoked paprika, pepper salt), frying pan with garlic and bacon then the coated kidneys served on top of a half baguette. Fantastic. To those less keen about offal, they really remind me of sausages.

    I like the above offal stew idea a lot, worth a try.

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    Try my devilled liver one which is also good for kidneys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Try my devilled liver one which is also good for kidneys.


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    Try this lads... Fry some panchetta in a pan, reserve on some kitched towel once nice and crispy. Place flour kidney 1/2's in pan and cook to your liking, I would suggest a touch of pink, no blood running!!! Again remove and place on the kitchen towel and keep warm. De-glace pan with a touch Marsala and chicken stock, reduce and check seasoning. Once sauce is to your liking place Kidneys on toasted bread (a baguette sliced on the angle would be good) and place on top of a bed of Rocket or water cress and drizzle sauce over, finnish with your crunchy panchettea bits. Relax and enjoy with your wine of choice.....


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    For full use of offal.............. Try making haggis. Be carefull however of chest shot beasts as there can be alot of clotted blood in the lungs.... And watch the amount of liver as it can make it strong, especially if you use reds.. I prefer using Roe which has been necked, and only 1/2 a liver, well the other 1/2 is normally scoffed before anyway...

    It is that simple and damn tastey.


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