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Thread: G'day from Sunny Aberdeenshire

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    G'day from Sunny Aberdeenshire

    Hello all,

    Just stumbled across this site after looking for information on stalking leases, and really glad I did - what a lot of experience and information all in one place!

    About me:
    I moved to Scotland 20 years ago - initially sent to Scotland with my job, but liked it so much that me and my family settled up here. I'm an ex-serviceman living in the Aberdeenshire countryside, and spending spare moments with my dogs, ferrets, rifles and shotguns strolling the land near our house - hence the username ArmedRamble. Not that I'm a rambler, just I may as well be when I don't end up with anything in the pot!
    I enjoy a bit of game and rough shooting - probably four or five pheasant days a year, and a bit of time on rabbits and pigeon, but I love to go out with my rifle predominantly after roe. I use a .22-250 for the roe, a .270 when I get a chance at reds, and a .17 for the rabbits.

    As I said, really glad I found this site. I've had a FC for about 12 years now, but still consider myself learning every day.

    Looking forward to posting and asking questions, and chatting with you in due course.

    Cheers for now,


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    welcome to the site paul

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    Thanks for the welcome.

    The more I look at it, the better this site gets!

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