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Thread: Help with tyre selection

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    Help with tyre selection

    I have a Discovery 3 with 17 inch rims. I have obtained a second set of rims and I'm looking to fit them with tyres for use over the winter and going off road at pheasant shoots , stalking etc. (Probably 20-30% off road)

    The current tyres on the vehicle are Continental M/S 235/70/17.

    Any suggestions on what I can get that would suit?



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    BF Goodridge all terrain, job done

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    I tend to agree with 308boy, you get very good miles out of a set of BF A/T's or General Grabber A/T's the road manners are good on both. My uncle works for a Landrover main dealer and that's what they suggest aswell, saves you expense and time swapping sets over, just run year around on A/T's. I've just got rid of my defender as I'm doing a lot more miles now and got a freelander 2, but shod it with general grabber A/T's (bf wouldn't fit) quit adequate to get around my stalking and the pheasant shoot. That said your disco would look trick with a set of BF Km2 M/T's on it.....

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    +1 for General Grabber A/T.

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    The problem is that BF Goodridge don't make tyres for a 17inch rim. I will investigate General Grabber though as I think they do make tyres for a 17 rim.


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    Have a look here its the sizes you can get the grabber AT's in, you may get the size you are after or may be able to change size slightly but they definitely do 17's

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    I've got GG A/T's in 235 / 65 R 17 on my freelander 2, as you said couldn't get BF's to fit.

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    Cooper discoverer STT's for me.

    Cheaper at the time than Goodrich MT's. Just depends how off road bias you want to go.

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    Bfg do 17 inch! I have them on my Navara!

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