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Thread: Merkel KR1 -Not!!

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    Merkel KR1 -Not!!

    Does anybody have a Merkel KR 1 rifle?
    I saw one the other day and having had a Merkel double rifle in the past remember it as being a very good, if a somewhat heavy, gun.
    Viking arms are the importers but their web site says very little and I don't know of any dealers in this part of Wiltshire that has one or is willing to get one for me to look at and may not buy.
    I am actually after a 30-06 calibre but has anybody one in any calibre that can give me a bit of feed back.
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Eddy McC

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    Hmm, forty views so far and not a word.
    That might be telling me something.
    Either nobody has got one, unlikely, or as the saying goes, if you have nothing good to say keep your mouth shut, oh dear

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    The Merkel action is unique, not a bolt action.

    Small volume "Continental" approach to hunting.

    1 shot or nothing...


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    Have n't seen one in the flesh, but good article on Gun mart -

    Certainly Merkel have always built very nice shotguns and rifles and have a good reputation. The above article sum up the KR 1 as a slightly unusual looking rifle, but very well built and a good stalking rifle. It does have an advantage like the Blaser in that it is short so if you are wanting to put on a Moderator perhaps an advantage.

    It is alos though a proper bolt action with proper locking lugs etc. rather than a straight pull and built just of steel and walnut, rather than plastics - IMHO synthetics are OK for the stock, but have no place in the action.

    The only slight drawback is that it requires a canterlever scope mount like the Blaser, which does put the scope a bit high and looks a bit flimsy, but there are more than enough Blaser lovers out there to show that the system works. To some extent it is a modern rendition of the Mauser 66 which again is a very good rifle.

    Would I buy one? - probably not as my preference is for a longer rifle - Mauser 98 style.

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    Well, I had almost made my mind up anyway but was wondering if there were any KR1 owners that had any 'inside info' as it were.
    I have just placed a tentative order for the Premium rifle in 30-06 with a spare .243 barrel and two sets of 'scope mounts.
    I haven't got a firm price yet but I am sure it will be a long term investment so have decided to 'push the boat out' regardless.
    If all goes well I intend to mount a S&B Zenith 3-12x50 Flashdot on the .243 barrel and S&B Zenith 1.2-4x24 Flashdot on the 30-06 barrel.
    I am not a fan of magazine rifles but this particular model has a magazine that fits under a drop down plate so it has no chance of falling out accidentally or rattling like some do!!

    PS Heym SR20, thanks for the reference to Gun Mart, I missed that article.

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    I know exactlt what you mean by magazine rifles - I much prefer a fixed magazine that you can load through the top, so if needs be you can drop in an extra round or two. I have yet to use a magazine rifle where i felt truly comfortable with the magazine not dropping away, plus it is just one more thing to forget.

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    If you go the way of:





    And want a break down, you will not be disappointed.

    Simple as that.


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    Before i bought the Mauser i looked at the Merkel KR1. A very nice rifle but it did not get the juices flowing for me. The merkel is nice to handel and comes in several grades includeing a heavy barrel version.
    All the write ups Iv'e read in the Swedish hunting press have been very possitive about the rifle.

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    Getting really p****d off now
    The Factory do not do visits for end users. The Head Salesman is away for a while. Nobody can give me a firm price and it is definitely a three months waiting period for one to be got in the country!
    What a way to do business, no wonder this country is going down the pan.
    What I can't understand is, that if I can get a firm price for a Blaser and Sauer, also rifles from Germany, how come I cannot get a firm price from Merkel
    As for the salesman not getting a price, it seems the head salesman sets the price for all the other salesmen. I would have thought to get a sale for the value I estimate it to be, they would have bent over backwards to complete.
    I am after a rifle, spare barrel, spare magazine and two saddleback 'scope mounts.
    Based on the old price as published in Gunmart, when they did the revue, the price is not far off 3k

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    you could try here

    come and join the R93 fan club!

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