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Thread: doe with one button

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    doe with one button

    just got back from scotland . shot this doe with one button felt really **** when i first seen it thought i had cocked up on the id . especially
    because it was a verry strong runner . a lung shot with 65grain vmax and she still managed run over 100meters into thick forest. it took me what seemed for ever to find her.well it wasnt me who found her it was buzz my glad he was ther again i will never stalk without him again .
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    A. ID should never be wrong as doe's IMHO should be ID'd not only from having antlers or not, (as bucks cast!), but from teh anal tush and other identifiers.
    B. congrats on the deer and having a good dog :-)
    C. Don't use VMAX on deer, ever. that's probably why you had a runner.

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    sorry boss . but id was from the deer having a tush which is why i took the shot

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    that's good, and I of course didn't question that, I was just pointing out in general terms ;-)

    still, bin those vmax's or use them on fox.

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    i must admit they do cause a lot of meat damage but you got to try everything to have an opinion i think

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