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Thread: What is 'legal quarry' ?

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    What is 'legal quarry' ?

    Ok, I have 'any other legal quarry', but what exactly is legal quarry for, say, a .17hmr .223 and .308? Bearing in mind legal minimum calibres etc

    just wondering what I can legally shoot given the opportunity/need.

    Obviously there are a few differences between England, Scotland etc so just the 'England' ones would be a good start


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    Here you go, Chapters 13 and 14.

    Fill your boots........

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    In England and Wales only deer have legally binding regulations relating to a minimum calibre for their taking, wildfowl and game birds also have regualtions governing the type of firearm, the kind, number and make up of projectiles used for their taking.
    Anything not governed by simillar "LEGALLY BINDING" legislation, (this does not include Home Office guidelines) can be shot with any calibre.
    If you want to brain a wild boar with your 17HMR or take out a feral goat with .22 subbies, (although not reccommended) you are legally entitled to do so with the AOLQ condition.


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    I asked to have Wild Boar put on my FC but was told it was not neccessary as the term AOLQ already covered it.
    It was not neccessary to list each species of quarry as it could be a rather long list.
    AOLQ covers Wild Goat, Sheep and any other wild animal I have authority to shoot.
    It is left to me to decide which calibre is suitable, except where legislation applies as in the case of Deer, for whichever species I decide to shoot.

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    More specifically to your orignial post, this is what you need to read:

    The General Licence states the quarry that is legally allowed to be controlled. It is renewed each year.

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    Don,t come to Hampshire and shoot boar and goats on AOLQ they say if they issued AOLQ , which they don,t it would not cover them. Yes we do have goats on the IOW I was informed by the FLO.

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    I have a letter from my authority stating that whatever is on my FAC from them covers me for the ENTIRE UK.
    I have .17M2 for fox!!

    if it didnt we would be screwed crossing into other counties

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    I fall just into Wiltshire and at my latest renewal in August my Feral Pig condition was "relaxed" to AOLQ and I have a mail stating that certain of my calibres may be used for AOLQ and that this would cover Boar and Goats for instance too.

    The different uptake on AOLQ accross the forces is I agree really confusing but one thing I am certain of. If I fell foul of one forces AOLQ acceptance I would be judged by my own and that I am totally comfortable with.

    And I quote:

    My understanding of the term‘any other lawful quarry’ is that it means any quarry that is not protected bylaw. Feral Pig is not protected by law so yes you can shoot it, obviouslyyou have to comply with the rest of the condition ie ‘on land that youhave lawful authority to shoot’.

    The ‘any other lawful quarry’condition was brought in in 2009 ... this gave us the ability to only name the‘principal quarry’ species on the certificate without the need to nameall the lesser species ... actually having just read your condition again Ididn’t need to include fox on your .25-06, .308 & .303 rifles either ... itshould just read ‘deer’ as your principal quarry and then ‘any other lawfulquarry’ ! I will amend this when your certificate comes back in.

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    they dont enforce conditions on your certificate from other forces

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    they dont enforce conditions on your certificate from other forces

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