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Thread: 6.5x55 NORMA 120grn (NOSLER) BTips.

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    6.5x55 NORMA 120grn (NOSLER) BTips.

    6.5x55 NORMA 120grn (NOSLER) BTips.

    Anyone know where I can these reasonably local to me? Down to my last box!



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    Have you tried Tony Leamon in Hereford.

    or give him a bell in the evening


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    If you're ever up my way you can have eighteen for free. I bought some before I started home loading and they're just taking up space on the ammunition safe.



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    Not many dealers hold them.My RFD has to buy 200 from wholesaler. I only have 125 max on my cert so I buy the lot and draw down from him as I get low. Great round really consistant and suits my rifle a treat.

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    Cliffsgunsmithing, nuff said

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    Great round my dealer Northampton gun has no problem getting them with a little notice although a little pricey 40 per 20

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