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Thread: DSL 2 portfolio sent back Waiting now

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    DSL 2 portfolio sent back Waiting now

    What sort of things should i expect to be asked when they ring me up does he give you time to look things up Etc lots of sleepless nights waiting to hear from him/them


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    Everyone ( blatant generalisation I appreciate ) stresses a little over their portfolio, very little anyone says can help with that - sorry!

    BUT - near everyone finds its far less painful than they fear!

    The Assessor will simply be looking to confirm the authenticity of the portfolio and sample test your level of knowledge. If your AW's took you through the portfolio and asked the usual level of questions there should not really be an surprises to come.

    Questions will be focussed on your individual portfolio - so if anything unusual was noted in the narratives that will likely attract a question. If you did not find any evidence of disease, then even if questioning was recorded in the portfolio the Assessor may well sample that as well.

    Its not really helpful, but you've been through three ICRs and questioning will revolve around those - you covered the elements to the satisfaction of your AW (s) so you can take a certain degree of comfort.

    The Assessor will be looking to chat through answers directly. If you have a copy of your portfolio to hand, that should steer you through 90%+.

    Good luck.
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    Don't worry it will be questions on your portfolio, I got a few on deer management and diseases as long as you know the basics no problems you won't have time to look it up.

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    djc it will be questions on your portfolio when i did mine the assesor rang when i was doing the garden asked me the diseases that were notifable and afew other questions i got caught on the hop
    well done tom

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    The first question i was asked was "do you normally shoot deer in the head?"

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    my portfolio went back about 7 weekago the assessor phoned last night and ask three question and a wee chat.Glad thats past as had sleepless night the longer it took for him to phone .you be fine if you've done the work

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    My first question was "have you shot any deer at less than 350yds?"
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    well that day has come alast and now it gone i will sleep well to night
    as i am going to have a nice large malt

    Happy days


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    Well done,what did he ask??

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    My assessor asked,

    1) if you didn't have a dog with you, what would you have done to follow up shot deer that ran into cover?
    2) why did you gralloch deer in the field and what precautions did you take to avoid contamination of the carcass?
    3) what lymph nodes do you check and what would you expect to see on an deer with suspected TB?
    4) how would you approach a shot dead?

    all pretty straight forward and pertinent to my portfolio.

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