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Thread: Hitting cull number's

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    Hitting cull number's

    Just a quick write up to say thank you to Chris at Euston estate.

    I met up with Chris today at 2pm for a quick chat and checked zero on the range before heading out to help with the Muntjac cull. It wasn't long before Chris spotted a small group of red deer through the undergrowth, all hinds and calf's except a nice 3 year old stag with a promising head rack.

    Only 15 mins later after stalking through a piece of woodland was Chris setting up the sticks for a Muntjac doe about 80 yards away standing broadside between 2 trees, i was up on the sticks and she dropped where she stood. She turned out to be a nice mature doe who had just kicked off her young to be interdependent. After dropping her off at the side of a woodland track we carried on in the hope of finding another suitable candidate.

    After about 40 minutes of stalking up woodland rides, and spotting a few red hinds and spooking a Muntjac we came up to a cluster of Chestnut tree's where Chris said we would likely find a Muntjac feeding and sure enough there was. A Muntjac doe helping herself to a meal directly under the tree just as Chris had said. I was up on the sticks and dropped her where she stood.
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    With 2 deer in the bag we called it a day at 4pm and headed back to the chiller to prep the carcass's, not bad for a couple of hours stalking with great company! Chris is a very nice bloke and is more than happy to share his knowledge with you. Thank you again to Chris and i am sure i will be back!

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    Did you see any of the world famous stags?

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    I saw 1 nice stag yes with a few hinds, but they were quickly off once they sussed us trying to get round them

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    Good to meet you Tom, glad we found you a couple.



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