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Thread: A buck last night.

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    A buck last night.

    It`s got to be the most memorable and testing stalk i`ve ever had.

    I had seen him from a gate way first late in the afternoon browsing the end of a hedge line but every thing about getting a shot was wrong unless i could stalk around him giving me a shot into an incline.
    Off i go, rifle, binos and sticks in hand. The hedge he was browsing was the only hedge there so i didn`t think i would get close enough but i would have a go. Crouching and moving from nettle patch to nettle patch, i have to skirt the whole wheat field, intermittently glassing the area. A move at the wrong time and i`ll be rumbled.
    I got to the corner of the field (bottom left of picture) and the buck has vanished. I thought that was it but after 10 minutes he reappeared in the grass field, i waited a few minutes and let him settle as the breeze was not now in my favour. Now for the real test, on my hands and knees along the bottom fence dodging the cow pats, the grass is soaking wet and so am i.
    Eventually i get to point C, a decent sized nettle patch for cover and a fence post to shoot off, i`ve just got to wait for the right moment.
    About a minute later he was broadside, crosshairs on his chest and the Federal 100 grain Power Shok hit the engine room. He ran about thirty ish yards and dropped.
    From start to finish the stalk took about one and a half to two hours. It was almost dark when i`d finished the gralloch.
    Editted to add. A. Buck first seen. B. Buck shot here. C. Buck shot from here.
    Happy days!!

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    Nice pictures and write up!


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    Nice one Basil.

    All the hard work does pay off in the end.


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    basil good account of events
    nice to know your putting that swaro to good use
    regards pete .

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    Many congratulations on a very nice buck. Well done also for setting the new standard on write-ups! Stalks like this will stay with you forever.

    All the best


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    nice write up 8) well done

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    nice result and pukka write up !!!

    cheers lee

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    Well done Basil mate,you deserved him mate.........'M'

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    congratulations on a hard stalk basil and a good write up to mate.


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    Well done basil many congratulations, great write up & a good buck as well.


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