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    I have just skinned a couple of Roe that were shot on Sunday, one was local to me and the other was from a patch of ground about 30 miles away. I noticed a few ticks doing backstroke in the drip tray under the one from the patch away from me and upon skinning it counted 50 plus ticks. The other deer had about 6, and they could have transferred from the other one!
    Has anyone else noticed an increase in ticks or does anyone have any comments on this?

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    I have never seen as much as this year,, been a constant battle to keep the dogs clear some times. Very bad year for it imo

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    question if you find ticks on a deer that you have just shot should you remove them before taking it home or leave them until you skin the deer and at what point do you not take the carcass because it has a lot of ticks thanks

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    stalking on the west coast of scotland we have a real problem with ticks in fact so much so if you talk to them nicely they help with the drag back,lol. seriously i hang the beast as normal to cool the when we are going home i use medical grade body bag to transport as everything gets zipped in and to keep cool you can use ice in bags once home it goes into the chiller then skin when needed and discard I wash out my bags and reuse as they come with a little carrier. a full size bag will easy do a red but they do small person bags which is ideal for roe.
    these are strong so you can carry out as well, atb wayne
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    As mereside says the west coast is particularly bad, not uncommon to have twenty or more on my person after an outing, just pay careful attention to removing them as soon as you can, not much danger to you if you get them off fairly quick, the ones that pose the greatest danger to you are ones you might miss and are on you for twenty four hours or more, not as unlikely as it sounds this year in particular I have been plagued by tiny ones so small you can't see them until they start feeding on you even then they are like pin heads.

    AS to the original question I have never had to discard a carcase due to tick infestation and I have had them hanging like bunches of grapes on the insides of the huanches.

    I suppose its possible for deer to get diseases like louping ill or Lyme's disease but can't say I have seen any that seem to be any worse for carrying them.

    Did once see a pony that nearly died from them, but it had come from a tick free area, suppose they build up some immunity.

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    I am sure it to do with the lack of winter theres loads about .i no alot of people will disagree with me but i am wearing the rovince tick proof clothing it is exspensive but you cant put a price on your health ,has it been as mild up north as we southen folk regard -1 -4 as a winter ,i only ask because its normaly colder up your way ,so how cold dose it need to kill off ticks ??? mereside

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    Ticks don't seem to die with cold weather it just seems to put them into a hibernation period where they are not active, still see them on deer in the winter just not as many and i suppose being cold don't move so much on bracken or tree canopy,
    I wear a thinsulate top and bottoms under my gear i dont have an issue with ticks stalking as everything is tucked in and i always wear a brimmed hat.
    gaitors help through heather the problem for me is back after hanging it is amazing you pick a beast up after hung in a chiller and they seem to jump on fast tiny micro ticks climbing up your arms and even before latching on they seem to stick, pay very close attention to yourself and stay safe,they like to go to the warm parts,armpits,backs of knees but really they will go anywhere,atb wayne
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    Like Bogtrotter has said. . The worst ones are the tiny tick nymphs which get absolutely everywhere and are a pain to find and remove.. . With such a mild winter, I think we are in for a terrible tick burden this year.

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    occupational hazard
    cannot abide the nasty wee creatures
    if you dont like ticks
    stay at home, dont go deer stalking,
    dont crawl in the heather,
    dont carry deer round you neck,
    once saw a mouse with 50 ticks
    deer just have to put up wth them

    not many locally but in areas like the highlands
    can be a real problem.

    tuck in, double trousers,
    treated outer clothes all help
    fumigate your vehicle boot, wash your clothes
    shower well, check your body

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    I too have seen a mouse totally covered in them... poor wee sod.

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