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Thread: Looking for boar hunt info in the UK

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    Looking for boar hunt info in the UK

    Hi, as stated in title and in my introduction I'm looking for info on how to arrange some wild boar hunting for my husbands Christmas, Any info you guys may have would be greatly appreciated. We live in Fife, so Scotland would be great but not essential

    Best Regards


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    Adal, should try private messaging solwaystalker has many great write up and recommendations on here for boar he's in Scotland also.

    Regards David

    Hopefully this link works >>> The Stalking Directory
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    Another recommendation for Solwaystalker , Ive been twice and shot 2 boar.

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    Thanks for the reply's guys I've emailed solway stalker so hopefully he'll be able to help or point me in the right direction x


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    You wo'nt go wrong with Colin (solway stalker).

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    Another recomendation for solway stalker .

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    Adel ... Can you have a word with my wife please ?

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    If your looking for the European Boar "experience" (and have the funds), I can put you in touch with a contact for Alsace (France) and Czech Republic

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    Mark from organises boar shoots in france too, so does John from Yorkshireroestalking I think.

    but why not go for something that supports the local community here in the UK :-)

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    Hi Adal,
    If you want a nice trip for your husband, come with us in France shooting boar.
    You can join him and have a week end with your husband in beautiful France.
    Go and visite


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