Like many of you on here, I have been toying with the idea of buying a rangefinder for a couple of years.

Last week I finally took the plunge. I had very careful look at all the contenders and narrowed it down to 4

Bushnell Elite

I read all the blurb and searched high and low for good deals. In the end I bought the RX-1000 without the Ballistics calculator and got off E-bay for 260 including fast, insured shipping from USA.
It is not much larger than a packet of cigarettes and as with all Leupold products it is made very well. Sturdy and reassuringly heavy steel construction with rubber non slip cover. Not plasticy and cheap

What I am very impressed with is clarity. For such a small objective lens, the clarity is fantastic. I have not had a chance to use it in anger in the field but was pinging sheep at 475 yards in the evening when I could no longer make them out with the mark 1 human eye.

Nice and small so one could have it in the top pocket of you r shirt should you wish or on your belt as it comes with a sturdy caudra case and strong belt loop. It has a strong magnetic fastener on the case so quick to open but not liable to fall out while crawling around, as we all do!!

Would defiantly advise giving it a look if you are thinking about a purchase in this market.

Just thought i would let you all know as it is helpfull to share our knowledge and experiance on this sight.

All the best