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Thread: Knifemaker

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    I am looking for a top quality knife maker in the South, if anyone has a good contact then some details would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks



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    Try "Dougster" on here, his knifes look top quality. I've not seen them in the flesh as it were but there are loads of pics under the equipment section. Based in Wiltshire i think.



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    I spoke to this chap, who is a member on here a couple of weeks ago. Custom Knives and Modern Bushcrafting tools by Dorset Woodland Blades

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    dougster makes excellent knives.

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    I can put you in touch with a maker of custom, handmade knives. He does the entire process, including grinding the blanks. The only process that he outsources is hardening some of the stainless steels that have particular requirements.

    He is in Sheffield.

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    +1 on Dougster for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Thank you everyone for your responses. I have sent Dougster a message however please feel free to suggest someone else incase Richard cannot help me.

    Many Thanks.


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    looks very nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post

    looks very nice!

    Toby is based in France mate. He is from Sittingbourne in Kent originally though, nice bloke to deal with and a perfectionist. As far as i know, he's only doing knives in 01 tool steel at the moment, but last time i spoke with him he was looking at different stainless steels.
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