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Thread: Leica ULTRAVIDS 8x50 price check

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    Leica ULTRAVIDS 8x50 price check

    Just been offered 2 brand new Leica ULTRAVIDS 8x50 in the boxes form a very reputable supplier for 999 each : UK supplier:

    As they retail for 1400 ~ its a saving for sure !!

    Question is I was after a set of s/h 10 or 8 x50 BN's: So are they any good ?? Would you recommend the ultravids ?

    Quick replies as may need to place CCr shortly


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    They are very good bins< I had the 10x42's, if these are the HD model then it's a decent price.

    I sold my HD 10x42's S/H for close to 1K.

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    I had some 8x42 Ultravid BR (before they hiked the price and called them HD's)

    I liked them a lot, very clear and bright, good solid ergonomics (IMO better than the Swaro SLC's I have sitting on the sideboard at the moment!)

    can't comment on the 8x50's as it is a less popular mag/obj combo...which is usually reflected in the price when they dont sell
    They are 999 second hand

    2nd hand Leica pass through eBay for anywhere between 500-900 for HD models and there are plenty popping up.

    looks OK, but depends if you can take the hit if the 2nd pair dont sell

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