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    Picked up my new dog on Monday from a fellow SD member in Aberdeenshire (pig of a drive!) - had a great weekend in Scotland! It was my first time there, went out and got my first Scottish Roe following a very kind offer from yet another SD member who PM'd me.

    Mick who I got the dog from had just returned from Germany but kindly let me show up at 7.30am to pick Bruce up on the way back down to the south coast:
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    Very cute, shame they don't always stay like that.

    Good luck with him, he looks a cracker!

    all the best


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    Yeah i'm trying to remember everything from when I last had a puppy but I'm pretty much having to re-learn everything!

    Seems a good nature, so his prowess as a gundog will be down to whether I f*ck it up I guess!

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    ha ha, i know what you mean.

    Just be consistent and keep it fun for him, train him to do what you want in a way you think he responds best (the books don't always have it right - every dog isdifferent).

    Its in their blood to do 'the job', its the manner in which you want him to do the job is where your training will come out.

    Good luck wit it all.


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    Lovely looking dog mate, fingers crossed you turn it into a good one
    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    G'DAY Bruce!!!

    Cracking little fellow there mate!

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    Nice looking pup. Good luck with everything.

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    Great looking pup. Best of luck Bruce.

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