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Thread: Whitetail Calls

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    Whitetail Calls

    I've been given a few whitetail deer calls from America by a friend to try out. I know the main call that will work over here is the grunt call for fallow bucks but has anyone else had success with calls from across the pond on other species like roe or muntjac? I was thinking of the doe/fawn bleats etc? I'd been interested in anyone's input and or experiences.


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    Some of them look more like something you would buy out of the Ann Summers catalogue


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    Quote Originally Posted by moose View Post
    Some of them look more like something you would buy out of the Ann Summers catalogue

    That was my first thought when I opened the box, thankfully I have no knowledge of that sort of thing!

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    I found out that Black Bears are attracted to fawn bleats- the hard way. Fortunately , all that happened was we both scared the sh*t out of each other,then he went his way and I went mine..........quickly.

    later boys alberta boy

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    I've used whitetail deer grunt tubes for years . In the last 5 or so years I stared using bleat cans . Both have worked in the past for me .

    My pair of bleat cans and grun tube all came from Primos . My grunt tube is called 'Trophy Grunt" or some such name anyway I don't think they make that exact one anymore as mines about 10 years old . The two cans i use are still available . One is the does in estrus and the other is the early season can .

    I have a Sika call as well .

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    The American calls do work for fallow.But I found fallow are hard to call at the best of times.
    I found having a call in my pocket are useful for getting an animal into position for a shot without spooking it.


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