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Thread: .243 ackley improved load

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    .243 ackley improved load

    just starting to get a load worked up for the above, anyone using R19,H380 or N150 behing an 85gr BT , might as well use what i've got if i can
    failing that any load dat will be appecated ,i fancy working up a load for 70gr as well

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    just remember this chambering disent show pressure signs untill the primer has blown out or you cant lift the bolt,so go steady,out of the powders listed I would go for 150,if your fireformed go to the Vit website look for the top end std 243 load and start from there

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    Someone suggested to me that the 6mm Remington loads would be similar. So far I have the following loads worked up:

    Hornady 87gr HPBT with 44.2 gr N160, 6 thou jammed, Lapua brass for both new brass and fire formed brass - full length resized.
    70gr SMK with 47.0 gr H4350, 37 thou off, Lapua fire formed brass - neck sized.
    Hornady 87gr SP with 45.8 gr RL-19, 6 thou jammed, RWS brass fire formed brass - neck sized.

    For whatever reason, the Hornady 87gr HPBT produced excellent groups, notwithstanding the N160 is vintage stuff from 1999. 3 shots - .281 MOA at 100yds.

    As ever, these are my loads in my rifle. I browsed the following thread for some ideas:

    Good luck. JCS
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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    notwithstanding the N160 is vintage stuff from 1999
    Don't worry about that- I've been shooting loads using N140 dated 1983 this morning!

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