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Thread: A-Tec CMM-4 Silencer

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    A-Tec CMM-4 Silencer

    A-TEC CMM-4 is a compact forward-built model.

    CTM-4 is the smallest and lightest of the standard models of silencers.

    Comes with 4 modules and can be added on to as required. Each module weighs 34 grammes.

    The total length is 175 mm and the diameter is 39.5 mm. Is mainly an aluminium silencer adapted to hunters requiring a high degree of weight reduction, diameter and noise suppression. In mint condition only had 4 shots thru it
    6.5 cal,1/2" UNF 190 posted

    Link Below

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    Andy - hello mate - what cal is this please?

    ...or alternatively, if I'd looked at the pictures.......(!)

    6.5 for those who don't want to open the pics.
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    Sorted cheers for point it out bud

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    I'd like this, but I can't go higher than 110.

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    I would like to sell it to you, but i can't go that low

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    I could offer you a morning and evenings stalking in the Scottish Borders if you're interested. Either Does/Kids from Mid-Jan through Feb. or a full days cull buck stalking in April. In either case, no limit (within reasons) and you get to keep 50% of culls taken including the first one shot.

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