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Thread: Pheasant opener

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    Pheasant opener

    My Pheasant season started Saturday gone with a walked up Rough Shoot.
    Woke up to a covering of snow and a Truck with a flat battery :gwall:
    And i needed to be there early to finish a few last minute jobs off :whistle:
    Any way.
    It was my lads first day beating and a proud moment.

    The ground

    The beaters

    The day started with a Duck drive which went very well and then the rest of the day was just text book. :thumbup:
    A few pics of the day

    With it being his first day i thought i would let him carry the Hares :csmile:

    Off for some dinner

    Nice mixed Bag.

    And finally little Billy the JR just couldnt stay awake any longer

    Yours in Sport

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    very nice thats what its all about sounds like a great days sport. I don't miss having to carry the hares

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    Nice pictures Dave,That"s what rough shooting is all about.
    Atb John

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    The lad looked smart ,just been cutting strings for the morning gotta decide which drives to do now ,no snow forecast here but looking like a frost .

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    Thanks lads,
    I love a good frost, i am going out early to hit some Ducks in the morning as we dont have another shoot day until next Saturday.
    Good luck tomorrow norma.

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    smart lad mate bet your proud of him
    Save Water Drink Single Malt

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