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Thread: Not actually sure if I'm new or not

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    Not actually sure if I'm new or not

    Well that's a daft title, but I think that I may have registered some while ago but got overtaken by circumstances and fading memory of passwords. You know how it is.
    So as per requirements:

    Been stalking around 20 years. Mostly South West Scotland where we had a nice lump of forest until the FC very kindly decided that we didn't want it anymore and gave it to someone else. So now we only have 1100 acres of farmland.

    Dog - GWP who's good on a trail, but other than that about as sensible as a poke in the eye

    Calibres - erm, best if I don't list all of them. I have more than 1 and less than 12. Usual small calibres, through 243, 7mm-08 type of stuff up into .300 Win Nothing like .375 though I wouldn't mind.
    Live in the East Mids or as we call it, the Deer Desert.

    Just registered for Arran, first week for Jan 2013. Well, got some leave left and it's either that or putting up shelves. Figured it looked like a good deal and an opportunity to mix up with some new guys.

    Would really appreciate any advice on Arran - ferries, accom (Luxury not required), if anyone else is going that week, please do get in touch. Be very happy to share self catering costs etc. My feet don't smell and I close my mouth when I chew.


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    welcome chris im in the east midlands too

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    Wink Where is the East Midlands?

    Thanks Mate. Apparently, I know 'cos I looked on a map, East Midlands really IS a place. We even used to have an airport. But I think they moved it because the nearest one is now Nottingham


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    Welcome Chris... if you might have registered before then PM me the email address(es) you might have used and I can merge the accounts.


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    Thanks Alex, not sure what it would have been back then as I had several. I don't think I posted much if anything really. I'm quite happy being reborn.

    Fresh start is just fine.


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    Welcome to your rebirth!

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    & your rebirth will be in to the second of the deer deserts!, As Cheshire is the Anvil of the sun!, Welcome twice over new person!!!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Ahh, yes. Hmm well you do have Lyme Park. One or two lying around in there. You can always just look.


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