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Thread: Thursday 8th November

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    Thursday 8th November

    Hi Fellow driven Boar enthusiasts.
    I have it on good authority that the flight from Heathrow to Zagreb on the morning of the 8th has three groups going on driven Boar trips to Croatia.
    There are three groups of fifteen, two groups organised by one agent and the other by another agent.
    So, by the law of averages there must be some members of this site among the groups.
    Anybody want to fes up so we can have a chat before we all bump into one another at Heathrow.

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    What ! fifty views and nobody owning up to going or is it because of the Agents being used

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    What ! fifty views and nobody owning up to going or is it because of the Agents being used
    Secret agents perhaps

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    Quote Originally Posted by nell View Post
    Secret agents perhaps
    Or one similar to the Masons perhaps ;-)
    and a group got together by Bogdan and the other by Tommo.
    Or perhaps they don't want to give away the fact they are members of this site
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    Back from my first trip this season.
    Not overly pleased, value wise, but I always enjoy the comeraderie, secenery and wildlife so not a total disaster. I shot three for five shots but the overall the trip was not up to expectations for the price paid IMO, the other members of the group thought it was fantastic, I think the glorious weather helped.
    The other group paid 235 less and saw and shot more than our group. The terrain was similar and they stayed in a Hotel with dining and drinking facilities in the Hotel.
    We had breakfast in a building not far from the accomodation so had it been raining we would have got wet before breakfast.
    The evening meal was at the hunting lodge of the owner of the ground straight after the hunt finished.
    The beaters also helped put Boar in to the bag and our total for three days was 21 pigs.
    I am expecting the same sort of Hunt for my next one in early December but without the beaters adding to the bag .
    I know what the food and terrain is like so I reckon I will enjoy it much more because I will enjoy the commeraderie and scenery as before but is costing a lot less and I always appreciate a bargain ;-)

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    Eddie, interesting summary. Seems to me if guys are paying 1500 plus for a weekend in the back end of Central Europe, the least we can hope for us decent digs and grub. Let's face it, the pigs are unpredictable , but for an extra tenner a day you can buy a decent upgrade in accommodation. Looking forward to our little jolly on the New Year.
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    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    A friend of mine has been to Croatia four times and not shot a pig 5200 and nothing to show for it. Now that's expensive pork!!!

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    Hi Grant, I've been to several countries several times and not shot a pig on a few of the occassions but if the other guys are shooting or I am seeing pigs then that can be classed as a good trip.
    My idea of a good trip consists of a good bunch of guys, good organisation of the drives, good accomodation and food, lots of pigs, not neccessarily in front of me but that would be nice !! good weather and not too much walking !!
    As long as a group of between twelve and fifteen guns can account for at least thirty pigs over three days, with plenty of shots taken, then I reckon that can be classed as a good trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant.N View Post
    A friend of mine has been to Croatia four times and not shot a pig 5200 and nothing to show for it. Now that's expensive pork!!!
    But how many shots has he fired?! If he has had shots then there's not much he can do except learn that spending some time in the shooting cinema is a must!

    I can put it this way, in France on a park shoot we shot 19 recovered pigs between the group in one day, one gun fired 14 shots, I fired 5 shots and nailed pigs. At least one gun did not fire a shot but pigs and deer were running everywhere and the percentage of guns shooting and shooting at pigs was higher than any trip I've been on by miles. Hunting is a funny thing and sometimes we are lucky but othertimes less so but as they say 'you have to be in it to win it!'

    I've been to Bulgaria twice, Finland and France and although I have blanked there is no trip I would not have gone on. You only need good cards on one trip and everything you've spend to get there becomes worth it. I will definately go to france again.

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    I have noticed too, that in most cases the guys that have drawn blanks are the ones that 'looked the most' !
    In other words moved from side to side looking around trees or down over banks or moved slightly left or right to get a better view.
    In all these cases it involves movement and I am sure Boar can hear our bones creek as we move so go elsewhere.

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