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Thread: Free Helper Available

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    Free Helper Available

    I need to learn some more about deer so I am offering my services free of charge. If there is anyone who is a bit immobile or needs help for whatever reason with stalking (carrying/dragging, gralloching etc) and is willing to impart some knowledge to me I will happily help out. I am in St Albans area but can travel. I am often about during the week if it helps.

    I am not looking to shoot but I would like to learn more about stalking hence the offer.

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    Im sure someone up your way will take you up on the offer. Im a bit too far south to help out......

    "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it." Agatha Christie

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    Hopefully. South Downs is a bit far

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    After a query about a comment in my original post I want to clarify what this is all about:

    I am pretty new to deer stalking and have an FAC conditioned for deer. I can't afford to pay for stalking all the time and I am looking around for some locally to me but we all know that is hard to find. Instead of waiting until I find land (think positive) to learn about it I want to learn more now so I am more confident and competent when I find my own stalking. I recognise that guys who have been stalking for decades have a lot of knowledge to give and if someone is willing to do that I'll happily do the donkey work. The ideal would be someone who is on the edge of giving up because the physical demands are getting on top. That way I can keep them stalking and achieve my objective of learning at the same time. I fear the day I am too infirm to carry on with the things I love so would be delighted to prevent this for someone else.

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    No joy with this yet. Won't keep bumping it but if anyone missed it at the time - I am still available.

    Cheers. TD

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