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    New Member Saying Hello,

    Live in SW Scotland, Stalking occasionaly for 25 years, regularly for last 3, shoot 22-250, .270. mainly Roe some Fallow and Red, DMQ Level 2, shoot in a Sydicate on FC ground and over some private lands. Never been on the forum until recently when I heard about a red hot topic.

    Suns shining so out tonight for more Bucks hopfully!!



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    Hello Hammy, welcome to the site mate.

    I can probably guess what topic you were referring to, it raised many points of view and has finally been put to bed. There's lots of interesting stuff on here also some good tips, sound advice and a lot of knowledge.
    With all your experience I am sure you will be able to contribute in many ways and help others with their questions.

    Good Luck


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    Welcome, Hammy.

    I worked in Ayrshire for a few years, some nice ground down there.

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