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Thread: Cheap Svarowski Bins

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    Cheap Svarowski Bins

    Im in Shanghai with work they svarowski (this is how it is spelt) have bins for 250 yuan thats twenty five quid to you and me, 'they real, they real' I doubt that this can be trusted though as after asking me if I want 'masagee, masagee' she said 'you very handsome man' ergo she is obviously lying through her back teeth.

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    I can't comment on your looks but if the spellings cra@p then they are most likely made of the same stuff.

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    There a shop on the Bund in Shanghai and the sell real swarovski's but there is not much difference in price between here and there. The locals like to show that the can afford western gear.

    Have a great trip


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    Maybe you will buy some and you'll love them long time

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    Was that old saying "looky looky $5" or "F%^*Y, F%^*Y $5? Which ever I'm sure you get what you pay for.

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    Incidentally just found a genuine leica shop and they are charging 2600 for leica ultravid's correct me if Im wrong but thats pretty steep right???

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