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Thread: Hair cut

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    Hair cut

    A few years ago I noticed that the hairdresser kept the mirror pointed down when showing me the results of my haircut so that I couldn't notice the thinning on the top of my head and have just about got used to the fact that i am starting to go a bit thin but today I suffered the ultimate blow to my vanity when I noticed that the hairdresser was trying to discreetly shave my ears whilst tidying up my side burns! I thought that I was being really cool and making the young girl laugh with my mix of good looks and great sense of humour and she is trying to discreetly shave my ears! I guess that I have to admit to middle age!

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    Buy some clippers and save the pennies and blushes!
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    Know how you feel mate am in that zone myself. My Kids taking the p*** out of my 'tonsure' or secretly taking photo's of the top of my head in the middle of the holiday snaps. Just cut it really short. My only saving grace is that i'm not grey....yet.

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    I have shaved my head for years, but this year grew it quite long,, past my shoulders,
    Yesterday I was in next trying on jeans, when I glanced in the angled mirror and saw that a flying saucer had landed on my heed. Today it is shaved to a No2. lol..

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    Wait till they start trimming your eyebrows, without asking first


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    Thats nothing, if I don't trim my nose hairs every week I can find my truck keys in the dark by feel. I call it The Catfish Syndrome.Wow I've even disgusted myself.

    Happy trimming alberta boy

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    Amazing isn't it. The hair where you want it goes, and the hair where you most definitely don't want it grows like mad. I've got a nose and ear hair trimmer, but I might need to get an industrial one soon as I can hear this one groaning under the strain.

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    Time waits for no man,my hair dresser has been trimming my eyebrows too ,fortunetly I have a good head of hair but it's going more grey by the day,it don't matter as long as it don't affect our stalking

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    Reading this thread makes me feel better. Just turned 43 and my hairdresser has been trimming other areas for a year or 2. Im not thinning up top, and the greys arent too bad.... though Ive a few more over the last 2 weeks Im putting that down to owning a 4 month old GWP.


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    Been bald for years (as one or two on here know), so about 10 years ago took to regularly shaving the whole of my pate to avoid the "fur trim" syndrome. Now if I let it grow even a bit there's a very silver tinge to the stubble and I regularly have to pluck white hairs from my chest. Thankfully, I've yet to see the first white one downstairs, but I'm under no illusions; it'll be here before long!
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