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    ADMIN ,I've just been reading some old threads and started chuckling away to myself. Any chance you could let him back on the forum??? Please.

    Please explain whats safe and whats not ???

    I am not an argumentative sort of person, but I would like to know your thoughts on something. I have received criticism for shooting the 3 legged muntjac at an extended range when I have taken every possible precaution to make it a safe shot. I didn't go out to shoot muntjac at that range, I was out doing some pest control and an unexpected pest arrived. I did not break any laws and I certainly didn't shoot outside my ability so can you explain the problem.

    I understand what CSL means when he says that stalking is all about creeping up on your quarry and reducing the range, which I readily accept. But I wasn't looking or stalking for deer, as I said I was out performing perfectly legal and safe pest control duties. The pest just turned out to be muntjac and if I had wasted time trying to get closer he would have been off into the woods or onto some other individuals land.

    Some people go hunting for wild boar, shooting .375H&H Magnums at 100yds+ with with 250grain solid lead slugs doing 4500ft/lbs energy and shoot free standing at a running boar doing 20mph. (Highly prone to richochet) They then criticise me, shooting off sandbags in a valley with perfect backstop at a 3 legged muntjac trotting at 3-5mph, using frangible bullets at 1600ft/lbs energy.

    Please explain the sanity of this ???

    I understand it is not stalking, but I wasn't out stalking. I was out doing pest control and Muntjac are deemed to be vermin with an open season !!!

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    Just don't mention the magic number 704!

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    Can we also have Barongcw back . . . . the deer dog threads just don't have the same pizzzazzz without him!!!

    Some of the others just don't bite the same when I wind them up . . . . .

    Anyway, I'm thinking about X breeding my GWP to a mates BMH / HS, should make a top X dog so it should . . . . .any advice will be well received . . . . anyone want a pup?
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    the legend himself #

    straight to dvd
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    oh, and manlicherstu!

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