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Thread: .243 dies -tika t3 mag

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    .243 dies -tika t3 mag

    Broke off the de-capping pin from my die ,do i need to buy the full thing or can the internal pin be purchased on its own.
    Also just lost the magazine for tika t3,has anybody got spare one they could sell me or best place to buy either.

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    I have a 5 shot mag for you if you're still looking for one

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    Is it just me or do others also wonder how someone can take up reloading and no nothing about the tools they are using?

    Almost every reloading manual I own has exploded diagrams of dies and cartridge cases. Dies come with instructions and if used and they are missing the makers have web sites where this information is easily found in most cases.

    Do these people not read the instructions and clean their new dies before use?

    Whilst I abhor the idea of further "licensing" sometimes I really wonder if like some European countries that there are those who really do require compulsory training in such matters .

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    I'm not sure what type of dies you have, but in most (probably all) you can replace the decapping pin.

    If you unscrew the central stem of the die from the die body and then unscrew the collet that holds the pin in place the broken end will come out and you can replace it with a new one. The Redding dies that I use come with a spare pin in the box. Other brands might do also.



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