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    About 4 years ago I had a Winchester 70 Stainless 25 WSSM Ult. Shadow . it shot nice enough with my handloads and was very light and comfortable to carry .

    I loaded it mostly with my favourite the Nosler 115 grain BT , but I never did kill a deer with it before I sold it .

    Any of you chaps ever used the 243 WSSM or 25 WSSM on deer in the UK or Ireland ?

    I would assume they would work very well on anything up to the Red's and would also think the 25 would be okay for the Red's within 200 meters or so .

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    Three of my friends here in the states made wildcats using the WSSM case and necking it up to 6.5mm and it's turned out to be a rather nice little deer round .

    Two of them made what I would loosely call HB guns on Remington 700 short actions . The other fellow who happens to own one of the local gunshops that I kinda help out some made his on the classy little Remington Model 7CDL . He got in a 270 WSM jerked the barrel off and had a #4 contour Shilen stainless barrel chambered and installed and amazingly this one was the best shooter on paper of the three . Also looked a darn sight nicer to my eyes .

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    Ive just traded my 243wssm for a 25-06. It was a browning medalion and I loved the rifle/ calibre. A good calibre for Roe and Hinds, I never mnaged to get a Red Stag with it but the good shot placement it would do the job like any 243. The reason I traded in is Im a huge 25-06 fan, and a bit of a tight sod so 1 rifle rather than 2 (which I was going to do) was a better option for me plus when I handled the new rifle it felt "right" infact better then the wssm which was a bit short in the stock for me. There is another wssm owner on the site and we actualy spoke about a 6.5wssm and both of us believed it would be a good calibre.


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    Hi 6-pt

    I use a 243 WSSM, I brought the rifle as it was one I always wanted, it just happen to be in WSSM. The rifle is a Browning A-Bolt Titanium, since the photo I have fitted Tally lightweight mounts, I had to re-drill these to fit the Titanium WSSM receiver as it is different from the normal WSM receiver and fitted a lightweight A-Tec CCM, the barrel has also been cut back to 19 inches, all in it weighs 6 1/2lbs with a 8X56 Swarvo fitted. I have other rifles but I guess this is my go to rifle; I have taken everything up to red stags with it, 4 in one day this red stag season. While I would normally go for something bigger for stags it is ideal on Hinds and Calves, as this photo shows it is good on our roe deer also.

    My own view of it is that it does everything a standard 243 does but allows me to use a couple of inches less barrel, while it would be hard to recommend to the average stalker over a standard 243 it does well in my hands.
    Have an itch at the minute to have it turned into a switch barrel with a 30 OSM (30 WSSM) being the other barrel for close in woodland stalking.



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    They are as you say a damn versitle little cartridges. If I wasnt being a tight a@@e I would still have mine.. Good idea making it a switch mate..


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