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    Muzzle Loaders

    ML opener here in Virginia USA starts in about 5 1/2 hours !

    I'm gonna take a pair up the tree with me in the AM !

    My Savage 10ML-II 50 cal that shoots 46 grains od XMP5744 and a Hornady 250 SST sabot lit with a CCI209M as well as my Knight 50 cal Disc Rifle shooting 110 grains by volume of Hornady granulated Triple 7 3Fg pushing the same Hornady 250 SST sabot and also lit with a CCI209M . I have a Leupold VX1 4-12 on top the Savage and a Leupold Vari XII 3-9 on top the Knight !

    Top is the Knight 50 cal Disc Rifle with the Leupold Vari XII 3-9 , the middle rifle is my Knight 45 cal Disc Rifle with a Redfield Revolution 4-12 and the bottom rifle is the Savage 10ML-II 50 cal with a Leupold VX1 4-12 .

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    We got in a used Knight 45 cal Disc Rifle thats stainless with a thumbhole stock thursday . Even though I certainly don't need it I just might have to see about adding that one to my inline ML battery

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    I got hung up on what we in the states call Contemporary Longrifles , meaning they aren't exactly exact copies of original flinters or percussion guns but rather they generally follow a specific school of gunmakers from abck in the heyday of the American Longrifle in our countrys history .

    I used to have three of them in 45 , 50 and 54 cal . But I never could quite handle the follow thru needed for the slow lock time of a flinter .

    I do however still have an original marked A.B.Smith from approx 1835-1850 thats a 36 cal percusiion halfstock Pennsylvania rifle that I shoot rather well from the bench .
    I'll have to get some pics of that one to post here !

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    Got a fat 4 pointer this morning at 7:35 AM . Shot it at 15 lasered yards thru the shoulder . Deer ran 35 yarda after the shot and I watched it pile up and I sat maybe another 45 minutes hoping another would come thru but with no luck !

    I needed to get down , get showered , load the truck and head to the Hunt Races by 10 AM . I was done hanging , gutting etc by 9:05 , showered and thruck loaded by 9:45 !

    We stayed at the races maybe 4 hours and my pop got to cold so I'm home now and will go out this evening and see if I can't pot another buck or a doe !

    Used the Savage 10ML-II 50 cal and actually found the Hornady 250 grain SST bullet about 4 inches into the ground , so I dug it out .

    I'll post some pics of this MONSTER 4 pointer LOL's as well as some pics of the bullet !

    And perhaps a another deer that was dumb enough to walk by me this afternoon .

    Oh yeah the deer came straight to my scent candle which was about 3-4 feet offf the ground .

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    I like the idea of hunting with a muzzle loader - in fact we are looking at organising a driven boar hunt in Portugal during 2013 for a team of guns using only blackpowder muzzle loading rifles. The chance of rapid follow-up shots might be limited but it will certainly look and sound impressive with 12 to 15 old musketts booming across the Portuguese hills...


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    Legal shooting time was 7:07 and sunrise was 7:37 . This buck literally walked nder my stand at about 7:35 and he was dead at 7:35 1/4 !
    This first pic is where he dropped about 35 yards from my tree he was about 13-15 yards on the other side of me when I shot .

    Isn't much in the head gear department but thats alright !

    Happened to find the bullet about 3-4 inches in the ground where it had passed thru !

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    Left our home at approx 10AM for the Montpelier Hunt Cup Races !

    It was kinda chilly and windy today and jy pop being 77 and not in the greatest of health got a chill and wanted to go home so I only took two pics of the saddling paddock as thats where our parking spot is !

    Oh this shoulda been above this is the old geezer right after he potted the not to bright 4 pointer . Incidently that buck was coming on a beeline stright to the scent candle !

    And my Kawasaki 750 Brute Force with the pair of ML's and the rest of my crap right after I had gotten to my skinning pole with the deer !

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    After I got all the food etc put away from our brief trip to the races I decided to take a quick shower and head out this evening to have a go from a different stand . On the way in to the new stand I saw about 6 scraps in the path I was walking and several nice rubs !

    Some pics from the stand .

    Straight down with my rangefinder hanging from the rail .

    My two snuff can bleat calls and my grunt tube . eupold Wind River 8-30 binocs also I've had them since 1991 .

    And last but not least the old geezer sitting back in a rather comfortable Loc On stand !

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