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Thread: Which 308???

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    Which 308???

    So I've decided to go for the 308 first with a view to 243 at a later date.
    Now I like the look of the Tikka Stainless Lite but does anyone have any views on it or similar rifles in this calibre worth looking at for that price??



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    My first rifle was a tikka t3 ss;cost £480 and performed flawlessly in all weather in Scottish highlands. Stuck a t8 moderator on it plus added a half pound of lead to the butt(balance) and only sold it because I got a great deal on a Sako 85.
    The price seems to be going through the roof at the moment so the rifle does not represent such a good value for money package these days, but if you got one I don't think it would dissapoint.

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    A friend has a t3 lite in 308. To say he finds it "sharp" is an understatement. He had to get a friend to finish zeroing for him. If you are ok with recoil then thats fine but otherwise a bit of extra weight may be advisable. Otherwise Tikkas are fine but watch the slightly rubbery synthetic stock

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    Concider a howa in stainless, smart rifle at a good price.
    A 308 in a bad fitting stock can kick like hell, but if you work around with adjusting the stock length and maybe a cheekpad it's a piss to shoot. With a moderator even more so. I can hold my 308 very loose and relaxed now after a bit of fitting.


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    I'd second the recomendation for a Howa, best value out there at the moment in a new gun.

    Don't discount a second hand rifle. I noticed soome great deals on older model Sako 308's recently on Guntrader.

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    Don't discount a second hand rifle. I noticed soome great deals on older model Sako 308's
    I could not agree more - the old Sako 591 was a tuly great action, built to a lot better specs than todays Sakos!

    My 308 is a Remmy 700 LTR - 20" barrel with a JetZ moderator. >.5" and cheap. Easy to carry with a great stock.



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    Take a look at this:[NewType][]=Rifle&Filter[NewMechanism][]=Bolt%20Action&Filter[Calibre][]=.308&Filter[Make][]=Blaser&Filter[Make][]=FN&Filter[Make][]=Heym&Filter[Make][]=Mannlicher-Shoenauer&Filter[Make][]=Sako

    I know that this has been on the shelf for at least the last six months. A better rifle than any T3 will ever be.

    I would think an offer of £500 or £550 would buy it.

    If I had a 308 slot I would have bought it months ago.

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    My first 308 was a Remington 700 VS with a Leupold 3-9x50 scope. Slightly weighty I know, but using Federal 150 grain soft nose ammo it easily holds 1 MOA. Over the years I have used it to take everything from ‘red dogs’ to red deer.

    I know that a lot of stalkers hold strong views on the utility of heavy barrelled weapons but on the days that you get the urge to go to the range & blow through over 50 rounds of mil surp ammo, you realise that the extra weight really helps.

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    Got a new T3 yesterday and the scope arrived this morning after a bit of flaffing about to get the scope fitted {shims} then bore sighted it had it zeroed in 5 shots, top marks for Tikka for the money they can not be beaten.

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    Try looking at the winchester coyote lite back to back with the tikka. I did and bought the coyote .

    But if you get the chance look at both before you decide.

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