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Thread: Car sick dog

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    Car sick dog

    I was hoping one or two of the dog experts may have good suggestions for overcoming car sickness in a dog.
    He is 7 months, keen to get in the back of the car, but on anything over a 10 minute journey is very sick. This leads him to get pretty stressed. As soon as he is out the car he is fine.
    I've tried sitting him in the dog box and giving him biscuits etc to get him to associate it with fun.
    Many thanks

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    ginger biscuits are good, help to settle the gut.if you buy the boxes of mixed dog biscuits the black ones are good to,charcoal i think!

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    I agree, ginger biscuits do the job.
    My old dog used to bring up his breakfast if he was wound up (usually a Shoot day!) but would then scoff the lot before I had a chance to clear it up!! This was within a minute of being put in the vehicle and often before I had started moving. He never did it on normal journeys though.

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    You could try Cerenia tablets , you can get them from your vet as they are prescription only .

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    If he is happy to get in the car let him leave him there for a while without the engine running then let him out make a fuss of him. Then you say he can travel for about 10 minutes ? Put him in the car drive around the block or to the local park ( about 5 minutes) let him out make a fuss. Gradually build up the times & he should get better. My Weimaraner dog was like that until he was 7-8 months old, now a 9 hour drive upto Scotland is no issue for him

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