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Thread: Powder for 270 win

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    Powder for 270 win

    Hi Guys,

    I am soon to acquire a 270 win

    I would like to know what are the best powders for reloading this caliber with. I want to use a 130 grain bullet, the rifle will mostly be used for red and sika stags.

    Any info, thoughts and advise would be appreiciated

    Thanks guys

    Regards Pete

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    You can't go wrong with H4831, N160 or RL22.

    4831 is the classic 270 powder, but my first choice now would be RL22 if I could lay hands on any.

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    I will second Claret's recommendation for Re22 as a good .270Win powder. I find Re22 to be the best for consistency and groups, especially with 130gr bullets. I've use 58gr of Re22 for years and it has performed well in 4 or 5 .270 rifles I've used in that time.

    I've recently tried Re19 and that wasn't as good in my current .270.

    There are lots of great 130gr .270 bullets, but my favourites have been 130gr Hornady spire points (flat tails), Sierra Gamekings, and Speer Spitzers. I have found the 130gr Ballistic Tips to be rather frangible in .270, but it has been some years since using them and perhaps they have thickened the jackets. I love the .308 150gr Ballistic Tips though.

    The biggest stag I've ever shot was well over 20-stone minus his rather heavy and wild head. I killed him with a 130gr Ballistic Tip at a bit of a range and, even with the bullet having shed quite a lot of velocity, it still pulverised the heart and lungs into jelly. The far side of the chest cavity didn't have an exit wound, but just more like shrapnel blast. The stag was travelling between corries and in full rut, but didn't even take a step after the impact; just sank to the ground. On other red deer I found that on 3/4 shots into the point of the shoulder the ballistic tip 130gr would blow up before getting into the cavity itself and it was just the base that was left to damage the lungs and arteries. Maybe that's changed now and the bullet is better constructed. Certainly the 150gr Ballistic Tip .308 mushrooms perfectly for me.

    I've got a jar here full of bullets recovered from deer over the years and some of the best classic mushrooms have been from the Hornady 130gr Spire Point; it seems to retain about 60% of it's weight. Most of them pile on through the beasts, but occasionally, esp with 3/4 shots, you can find the spent bullet tucked under the far-side hide. And in .243 I have 4 bullets here of 100gr Hornady Spire Points with classic mushrooms recovered from red deer.

    All the best, Craig

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    My friend uses N560 in his 270 SHR. Shoot's very accurate with the 130 Nos BT's.

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    Reloader 22 with a Sierra 130gn Pro hunter worked brilliantly for me.
    good luck

    ATB Ezzy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezzy6.5
    Reloader 22 with a Sierra 130gn Pro hunter worked brilliantly for me.
    good luck

    ATB Ezzy
    Excellent choice - that's what I'm using to work up my first batch of re-loaded ammo for my new .270

    Does anyone have any .270 brass recommendations - I'm struggling to find Lapua brass (that's what I use in my .223) listed anywhere so have bought some Winchester brass as a stop gap.


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    For a hunting rifle does brass really make that much difference? I just use old Norma and some new Winchester brass and that does me fine. Lapua brass is so expensive now. Actually all brass has become expensive.

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    .270 powder

    I have used the above myself, you can add Ramshot Magnum &Vit N160 to your options too.

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    I have tried a few powders, but H4831sc worked best in my rifle, I use Norma brass.

    Best rgds


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    You can't go wrong with H4831, N160 or RL22.

    These are ALL good choices. I stopped using H4831SC as it does not meter as well as "long grain" H4831 and gave a lot of "bridging". Apparently the "SC" is not graphite coated?

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