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Thread: Looking for hints on visit to Arran

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    Looking for hints on visit to Arran

    Hi Chaps, been searching through the posts on Arran, some going back quite a way, but still got some questions. I'd really appreciate your wisdom.

    I am going for the week 7th to 11th Jan 2013. Why? Well I have some leave, a bit of cash and I just fancied it. We have a roe syndicate out near Stranraer which is tough going and I thought a change of scenery would be nice. Still tough, but different.

    Ferry. Seems very pricey for a short hop I have to say. Around 70 for a car and driver. Are there any dodges here for cheaper fares? I don't mean fare dodging. Just booking tips.
    Which ferry times work the best? Arrival isn't really a problem as I shall go the day before, or even the Saturday if I end up with a full week of accommodation.
    Where is best to stay? By this I really mean area rather than which hotel etc.
    Will I get away with a standard family car in terms of getting around for the stalking. I'd rather not drag my monster 4x4 all the way up there.
    Is renting a cottage the best option? Been looking at rooms and they seem ridiculously expensive where as a cottage looks like around 200 to 250. Much more than that and I'll camp! And trust me, I would. I'd rather self cater if I am honest.
    Is anyone else going that week - if you fancy sharing at all, I'd be happy to work something out.

    Any other gems then please do chip in. I have read about expectations, deer numbers etc, for me stalking about the experience of the whole trip. I have had plenty of experience in the disappointment category.

    I did speak to BASC before booking and they said they were pretty sure that this very unfortunate business with the poor chap recently should have been dealt with and the stalking would be open. There should have been little disturbance in the weeks leading up to the booking, but who knows what the weather will be doing. I have a poncho, so it can do what it likes really.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Chris, If you go a day early, take yourself for a drive right around the island, fantastic scenery & a help if you need to find some of the south end beats, digs are available all over the island for very decent rates, both self cater and looked after!, I'll see if I can dig out my old lists for you, or maybe one of the lads that are current may chime in?, beats that have been very productive in our past trips were Carn Ban & the Reservoir beat, most if not all are reachable by ordinary saloon car, but the weather can be more 4x4 sometimes if you get some snow or ice, (checkout my pics of the defender in a ditch!)... ferry trips seem to be priced the same whenever you sail, fuel on the island is quite pricey, as you would expect having to get it over there first! sail with a full fuel tank!, I only found out that the defender had a low fuel warning lamp after around six hundred miles doing the Arran thing!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Hi chris

    Try Achrannie for your digs they also do deals see there website,you can get by with out a 4x4 as its on the Gulf Stream great place and some nice really nice people.

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    Can't find the list, but can recommend the Eden hotel down Whiting bay, fairly placed for a lot of the beats, Auchrannie is top of the food chain, but quite a few use it, Brodick has a few gems about but you need the lads to divulge them!! Might be worth a chat with Neil, B.A.S.C.'s co ordinator on the scheme.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    ferry: not much leeway there TBH
    cottage every time. you dont want to be worrying about muddy boots and dogs/rifles etc when you are cold wet and knackered

    PM me for some details on a cracking place on the west side.
    I also have scans of all the beats aerial photos for 3 or 4 of the beats so you can do some recc'ing

    If you ask nicely they will usually give you a beat closer to your digs.

    If this is your first trip see if you can get there a couple of days early, allows you to go and find beats, see where the wind is coming from, some beats you can access quite far in by road and others you can spy from a distance.

    Ground knowledge is a huge benefit here.

    Above all take more clothes and boots than you think you need.
    Arran is second only to Atlantis on ground water!

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    Guys, thank you so far. That's the sort of thing I was looking for. I shall take you up on the offer via PM. I have a little time yet, but would like to get the booking made then I am sorted. Do most people book the ferry or just roll up?

    Water is nothing new to me, in fact we have been discussing an export venture with our landowner. We're going to build a pipeline to take water to the South. It's the only thing we have in any quantity up there. It's shocking.


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    You wil stalk in pairs, your stalking companion is a huge part of the week. Ideally take a firend who you have stalked with before, when I was there they ended up with 2x novices paried together, you can guess their sucess. I stayed at Eden Hotel, management has changes since.

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    or even better
    book with 3 mates, then the four of you can stalk 2 beats

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    Flying solo I'm afraid. Our syndicate only has the 5 of us in it and the other four can't make it. So it's pot luck for me. Well, it would be boring if it was easy. Err, right?


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    Before you book your ferry and hotel id check with BASC this could be cancelled email andrea green at basc

    Ferry about 85 for car and one person i normally go sunday about 3.00pm gives me all day to travel up to Ardrosson then check into hotel on arrival i normally stay in the eden lodge hotel whiting bay its handy for food on a nite most places stop doing food at 9.00pm but i suppose this time of year you will be back in plenty of time, a car will be fine the forest roads are all stone tracks you would only struggle if it snows or if the logging trucks have churned the roads up !
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