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Thread: .30 cal moderator (not T8) 1/2 unf

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    .30 cal moderator (not T8) 1/2 unf

    I'm looking for a moderator (in good condition) to replace my T8 (which is for sale on here). Reason for selling the T8 is that is sleeves over the barrel of my .308 too far and hits the new stock I recently have for the rifle.

    Therefore i'm looking for something which isn't as long over the barrel as the T8, i'll consider anything as long as it's in good condition, 1/2 unf and is a bit shorter than the T8.

    Let me know what you have and what you want for it.

    All the best,

    PS - Wont be in a position to buy until my mod sells and I get a 1 for 1 variation done (the 1-1 will be quick as Essex police are usually really good about these).

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    so have now sold my t8 and the fac is in for its one for one. Expect to have it back by the end of next week (very lucky to have Essex as my licensing authority!). So would be I'm a position to buy a new mod then.
    Im looking for a mod as above for around 100, so will be second hand I guess. If nothing comes up ill get the rifle re-threaded to match my other mod and share that between 2rifles.
    all the best,

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