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Thread: T8 mod question

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    T8 mod question

    I have a t8 mod.
    Its supposedly for up to .25 cal, however, I have measured the internal dimensions and they are identical to those of a 30cal t8 mod.
    I've taken the plunge and shot .308 through it with no problem.
    Why are some .25 and others .30?

    I should mention the .25 is stamped for .243 but says .30cal on the bottom
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    I had an ASE S5 that was marked .25 but when measured took .277 bullets with the same clearance as a .30 model has on 308 bullets

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    P'raps I need to give more info.

    I have a slot open for a .308 mod
    I have a T8 stamp proofed for .243 which I bought for 'up to .25 cal' to fill the .243 slot
    On the bottom of the T8 it says '.30 cal' and in fact takes up to .30 cal having shot my .308 through it and measured it against a.n.other .30 T8 mod.
    Can I simply transfer the .243 mod to my slot for .308 as I have the chance of another t8 that is on ticket as a .243 or once a mod is on ticket as .243 (even though there are no identifying features) is it always destined to be a .243?
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    It's a farce isn't it, I have .223 marked mod on ticket as a 6mm and have been firing 6mm rounds through it with no issue.
    Can you not just buy the one you want on the open slot you have, just mark it down as no make no number ?
    Or just save money and use the one you have on both rifles, trade the slot on a one for one ?.


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    I think the main practical thing is that the mod is designed for the calibre (or larger) of the rifle/s its used on. In my limited experience a T8 marked .30 by the manufactuer is intended for .30" rifles, or smaller.

    I think as far as the law is concerned, you need your FAC to give you authority to fit a mod to a particular rifle or rifles in order not to be guilty of the offence of possessing a sound-moderating accessory to the rifle/s when the moderator actually is fitted.

    The remedy suggested, namely to have the .30" mod re-assigned on your FAC as a .243/.308 moderator and to get a one-for-one for somethign else with the .308 mod slot seems a sensible and cost-effective one.

    It seems to me that if you tried to buy the .243 T8 (which might be a better mod for the .243 if it is actually a .25 T8 rather than a .30 one), the vendor might be quite reasonably unwilling to sell it to you to fill a .308 mod slot, as it clearly wouldn't work in that particular role. That being he case, a discussion with your FEO might bring about a re-assigning of your current .30 T8 into the vacant .308 mod slot, and an opening up of the .243 slot: and hey presto! you can buy the .243 T8.

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