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Thread: red deer abnormallys

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    red deer abnormallys

    i stalk a area that holds a steady stock of around 20 red hinds and also gets transient deer crossing through .for the last couple of seasons ive watched them rut , this year in the early part of the rut i saw what i thought was a hummel stag with the hinds which i did my best to remove before his genes were pasted on , i knew there was at least 2 other far better beasts around and also the boss still around who i left alone last year any way the big lad turned up and displaced the hummel happy days . the other two stags i knew of were both young 8 pointers which ive seen for the last three years , last year i shot a on antlered 2 point stag which was a good young animal in every way other than his head which was why he went earlier this year i shot a eight point stag which was also young but had prominent white spots and id suspected that a sika stag been in the area previously as i thought id herd him whistle during the red rut very close to the hinds although i never saw him im 99% sure there was a sika about (this is cumbria where there should be no sika 0 so thats why he went . last week i was talking to a guy who stalks the ajoining ground who told me that the hummel i thought was about is in fact a malform spiker one spike is straight and the other bent heading down towards his eye and from what i saw and my neighbours story not a young beast well i was out tonight and stalked into three stags all together the malform which is actually a old animal 8 or 9 at least his mate was also a one antlered 4 pointer and a youngster yearling not one presented a shot and i wasnt willing to cause meat damage for the sake of removing poor animals . which gets me to my main question out of the 9 stags ive seen on my ground in the last couple of seasons 2 have had single antlers and one is a malform one was a suspected hybrid ones a tonker toy royal perfect in every way two nice youngsters and a spiker or 2 could be the same animal . so what do you think are the single antled deer / malformed beast a genetic trait of just normal and ive been unlucky in the fact thats what has chose to hang around and make a living on my ground

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    I think it's not generally understood that what we sometimes flag up as abnormalities can often be just natural variation in the reds. White spots, antler style , colour shades, can all be perfectly natural part of this variation.
    . In my area there are occasionally bald faced deer usually hinds and the odd pale/white individual. We have had a run over the past couple of seasons of "deformed" heads which i think may be a dietry issue, as there are no signs of testicular damage on animals culled. and they are unlikely to have damaged the growing buds on fences as there aint many.
    If your deer are popping in and out of fenced areas when growing in velvet this may be a possible cause.Possibly there may be underlying mineral deficiencies in the soil that are causing issues . It is pretty straight forward to get a soil analysis done . the local farmers will know what minerals are deficient in their stock and you could try putting out the appropriate mineral blocks. At a guess the 4 pointer one antlered stag if not a genetic defect ,may have rigged himself on a bit of barb.

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    Would agree with the above poster, white patches faces in particular, are not uncommon in red deer, also there is no
    evidence to say that a hummel will perpetuate the trait in fact they seem to produce perfectly normal youngsters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    Would agree with the above poster, white patches faces in particular, are not uncommon in red deer, also there is no
    evidence to say that a hummel will perpetuate the trait in fact they seem to produce perfectly normal youngsters.

    In the park at work we have a red hind who completely lost all the fur just infront of her back legs and it then regrew white - do you think this is the same thing? We've never seen it in the park before

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