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Thread: 2 legged vermin- a whinge

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    2 legged vermin- a whinge

    Well after several 'incidents' on the farm I run a small game shoot on and strong suspicions who the culprit was, yesterday my brother was there early feeding up,and catches the ex neighbour dogging out our wood!

    No reason to do it, he not have the shooting next door any longer, just doing it out of sheer badness. No apology, just the usual excuse of his dog chased a rabbit and he was having trouble getting it back (bollox of course as I my brother watched him for five minutes before confronting him), and all said with a big smirk across his face!
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    Pure scum! Leaves a very bad taste in the mouth, maybe keep a diary of all the events and run a trail camera for photographic evidence. I hope you can sort the problem out.

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    what a s***tbag just goes to show you cannnot trust some guys. we had a case the same in the candover valley near me two keepers best of mates on very large shoots. now one keeper knows his best mate dogs in the keepers ground on there boundary when he takes his kids to school. but unknown to him his mate is also dogging in his land after he has been round on shoot days he did find out and not pals any more is an understatment.( its all about numbers with some)

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    Got a guy do our boundary even sat and watched us do a drive yesterday at least he learnt something !
    Sat 10 yards from us was very hard to ignore my tongue is red raw !

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