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Thread: Roe and other stock

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    Roe and other stock

    I have read that Roe dont like sheep and the evidence of my own eyes seems to support that. Will Roe feed alongside cattle, horses, chickens etc? Are the other deer species more tolerant of farm stock?



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    i have found that roe will stay clear of ground that has had sheep on for some time even after they have been removed. Fallow dont seem to mind ground that has cattle on or has had them on.

    muntjack dont seem to mind horse paddocks as i see alot of muntjack on the local stud farm.

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    When I was on Arran recently (sadly not stalking) it really struck me that the red deer were mixing readily with stock.

    Down here in the south, I rarely see fallow, roe or red in with stock.


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    I have a couple places with sheep and the Roe tend to avoid them by a small distance as do the Reds. Muntjac don't seem to care really.
    I also have a patch with pigs on it which is a different story! Mind you, they do have an electric fence around them and live in mud!!

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    I see Roe mixing on the edges of Cattle fields all the time but they generally steer clear of Sheep and Horses.

    That is until this spring when I saw a yearling buck and doe mixing with a small bunch of sheep on a stubble. Strangely enough they only appeared out during the sunlit hours and would stay out all day but were never seen during dawn and dusk! Maybe they thought they were sheep!!


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    Travelling between Ringwood and Salisbury on the A338 i constantly see a solitary Roe mixing with cattle. Passing the field frequently and at diferent times throughout the day it always seems to be amongst the cattle even laying with them.

    Just two fields along there can usually be observed a good number of Roe.


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    Someone asked this question before I think.

    Roe in my experience generally do not like mixing with sheep, having said that I have seen them walk along the edge of a field with sheep in it, but you very rarely see them in the middle of the field mixing with them.

    Sika, Fallow and Red I have seen with all kinds of domestic stock in the field. And on the lease I have in Dorset I have even seen them feeding alongside the cows out of a hailage bale.

    Chinks I have never seen with stock and Munties will live and breed anywhere with anything


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    do not take it for gospel I have photos of a young buck that lived with sheep and cattle, yes mixed in with them, for most of one summer, also a doe lived amongst some cows running to stand with them whenever I stopped to look from the road she seemed quite happy untill some do gooder callaed the RSPCA who chased it all one afternoon trying to catch it to take it away in case it got injured on the fencing !!.

    as R Prior once said deer do not read text books.

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    I notice our roe giving way to red deer and moving off when reds come out of the woods. Again they dont seem to mix much with sheep but I think its more to do with the sheep fine cropping the new shoots of grass the roe would select. Thats possibly why the roe arent generally seen using grass recently vacated by sheep.

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    On one of my vermin shoots I have seen Deer in the same field as Sheep 3 times in under 2 years. I think possibly the comment about the way Sheep graze may have some truth in it, as the farmer I mention moves his stock off of the ground well before the grass looks well eaten. There are also cattle on the same land and I've seen Deer with them too, not interacting but in the same field at the same time. Again it is never grazed hard before the animals are moved.

    Edited to add they were all Roe. A Buck and two Does on seperate occasions

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